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Implementing a Job queue with SQLx and Postgres
An example of async postgres in rust
rust tmq sqlx 2020-06-26
SQLx is a new async SQL Toolkit for rust that is closer to standard SQL than a more opinionated ORM like Diesel. I wanted to give it a bit of a test run and see how easy it would be to convert usage from tokio-postgres. So as the next saga in the jobq se…
Drawing SVG Graphs with Rust
Using tera to draw SVG graphs with rust
rust lorikeet 2020-05-22
I have just released the first version of lorikeet-dash and part of that exercise was to find out a way to draw SVG graphs using rust. I thought my findings & approach may be useful for others looking to do the same thing and so I have documented the …
Implementing a Job queue with Tokio-Serde
An async background job queue written with tokio-serde
rust async 2020-05-13
In the last blog of this series, I implemented job queue with tmq. I noted back then that tmq is great if you need to interact with other languages, but may be a little overkill if you are just using rust. I wondered what it'd take to build the job queu…
Lorikeet 0.11.0 - Upgrading to async
Upgrading lorikeet to async rust
rust lorikeet 2020-04-21
I have just spent some time doing an initial async version of lorikeet now that the async/await syntax is stable and the ecosystem has caught up. The major blocker was reqwest, as this is used extensively in the http test. This async version is available…
Implementing a Job queue with Tokio, PostgreSQL & ZeroMQ
An async background job queue written in rust
rust tmq 2020-04-09
One of the challenges I have had with on premise solutions is the lack of reliable environments and constrained resources. Not only are you limited in your ability to control things, you need to ensure that things continue on in the case of failure. I w…
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