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Handling Breaking API Changes
Dealing with Breaking API
rust semver 2020-02-03
While upgrading dependencies (basically deleting Cargo.lock) in a big rust project I hit an issue. A new commit in serde_json caused has upstream failure in another library, jmespath, and possibly more crates. Because these structs and enums visibility h…
Lessons learnt updating a library to std::future
Updating a multipart-async library to use futures
rust mpart-async 2020-01-22
With the new std::future way of doing things and tokio slowly reaching maturation, it's time to look at updating the libraries out there that are using the old ways. For one of my libraries, tmq, a Tokio ZeroMQ library, there is some awesome work already…
My Wishes for Rust 2020
Discussion around Rust 2020
rust 2019-10-30
2019 was another huge year for rust, but instead of implementing the shiny new thing, it's been a focus on refining existing ideas. Having being using rust professionally for over 3 years, I feel I will very soon be regailing new rust developers of the ti…
Face Detection with Actix Web
Using MTCNN with Actix Web
rust 2019-04-11
Last article I wrote about how to use tensorflow with rust. This time we're going to take what we've built on, and serve it as an HTTP API call. As Actix Web is nearing its inevitable 1.0 release, I thought it would be a great time to build something wi…
Face Detection with Tensorflow Rust
Using MTCNN with Rust and Tensorflow
rust 2019-03-28
One of the promises of machine learning is to be able to use it for object recognition in photos. This includes being able to pick out features such as animals, buildings and even faces. This article will step you through using some existing models to ac…
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